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A naked flash of inspiration

The Eureka! moment can hit at the most unexpected of times. Some of the most significant scientific breakthroughs and useful inventions have first flashed in to someone’s brain when they were in the bath, cycling to work, walking the dog … Continue reading

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Big Brother, Little Britain

In the beginning, when the connected world was new and the cold war generation valued their privacy and the freedoms it provided, the telcos kept it quiet that as you used your mobile phone they knew exactly where you were, … Continue reading

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How does the world get to hear your news?

When you have a good story there are lots of options available for getting the word out. Traditionally the most common way is a press release. This can lead to coverage in papers, magazines and websites, and appearances on television … Continue reading

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Take a break and never return

You’re writing an article using Microsoft Word and decide that you want to begin a new page on the same document. Do you (and I can hardly bear to type this) press the ‘Enter’ key, over and over again until … Continue reading

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