Generating good content with PR

pen featA successful marketing campaign requires strong content, and that is what Public Relations delivers.

PR professionals are storytellers, considering what is ‘newsworthy’ to target demographics and reaching out to that audience through multiple mediums. Continue reading

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Women overcome ‘impostor syndrome’ to share inspirational ideas

New models and strategies for biobusiness presented by women leaders

Dame Sally Davies at BioBeat15

Dame Sally Davies (photo by Robert Slowley)

“I like a stretching target,” Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, told delegates at the BioBeat15 conference in Cambridge. She explained how when the idea of sequencing the genomes of 100,000 people was first discussed she seized the challenge and set up Genomics England as an ‘entrepreneurial’ company in order to deliver the project. Continue reading

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I wanna tell you a story: Top tips for writing press releases

Make press releases interesting - grab attentionTelling a good story is the secret of effective communication. The best stories communicate complicated abstract concepts in terms that the audience can relate to. Often a person or particular instance is used as a case-study to illustrate a wider truth and create a human angle for the story.

We have the benefit of a wide range of communications channels – direct, print, online, broadcast and social media – but the basic principles are the same whichever mechanism you choose.  Continue reading

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Big data will bring new approaches for healthcare

Big data is just data, but a lot of it. Big data can be big in both qualitative and/or quantitative terms and tools are emerging that will allow us to use it more intelligently.

At the recent Cambridge Wireless event Big Data in Healthcare, discussions revealed how the concept of the “qualified self” offers the potential to improve the early diagnosis of disease. Continue reading

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How to create a good story for print and social media

Even the most innovative technology needs support to keep it in the spotlight and creating a good story is one way in which PR is effective in developing brand recognition with potential customers.   

Generating interesting content is now even more important with the rise of social media, which aims to engage and entertain as well as inform.  For anyone who reads all the online reviews before a major new purchase, the power of endorsement doesn’t need spelling out.

In PR we have always appreciated the value of personal recommendation, encouraging journalists to talk to customers or to trial products themselves in order to create genuine third party reviews and build confidence in a company.  Now with online and social media, there are new channels for talking directly to customers and influencers.

But how do you create a good story when the company and/or the product is new? Continue reading

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IFA Consumer Electronics Show: Brilliant innovation or useless gadgetry?

The IFA (consumer electronics unlimited) show was held in Berlin from 5-11 September 2013. Thousands upon thousands of consumer electronic products. Some good, some not so good, some just plain bewildering. Anyway, I went so you didn’t have to*. And here are five of my favourite products that were on show that fall into the category of ‘curious’. Continue reading

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Poacher turned gamekeeper?

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Samantha Dalton and I’m the newest recruit to the talented team of PR consultants at Holdsworth Associates.

I join Holdsworth after more than seven years working for arguably the most trusted global news organisation in the world, the British Broadcasting Corporation. Continue reading

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Does the carbon fibre car need a woman’s touch?

CUER Resolution and Driver Lucy Fielding

Cambridge University Eco Racing's Resolution and Driver, Lucy Fielding.

Working on the recent launch of Cambridge University Eco Racing’s British entry to the World Solar Challenge, we were encouraged to see how many female students from the University of Cambridge were getting involved in all aspects of the project. The ever-present concern about peak oil makes discussion about the future of the car ever more relevant. It is just a shame more women consumers aren’t voicing their interest in the debate. Continue reading

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Community energy generating interest

One of the great joys of working in PR is when you open the door into a whole new world full of people passionate about a particular niche subject. For me over the last few weeks it has been community energy.

Continue reading

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Maude launches Solutions Exchange for tech SMEs

Francis Maude was in Cambridge today to encourage technology firms to pitch their ideas to government.  The intention is to gain earlier engagement with companies and to garner new approaches to saving money and improving public services.

Continue reading

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